About Sharlene rayl

As a child horses have always been my favorite things to draw, as I grew into my teenage years, I started looking into the detail of an equines structure and the fine points and I thought of that detail is what can make my drawing stand out. 
I am a self- taught artist and I have never taken a class in art. But I have taught myself ways to get better at my art.
My favorite thing to work with is graphite pencil. Even though it’s not color being laid down on a sheet of paper, it’s when every eye, hair, wrinkle and vein become your color, and that is where those little things become color a viewer’s eye.
Now cattle have become one of my favorite things to draw. The Old West just comes out in every cow every time I look at one. My drawing of “Fall Ballin’ Mamas” is one of my favorite pieces. This piece won First Place at Sacramento Horse Expo Art Show in 2016 in the graphite division, along with a drawing of a very close friend’s Basset Hound he lost of “Barbie” which won the Juried Art Show in Humboldt County Art Fair, along with winning Second place at the Sacramento State Horse Expo Art Show. 
I have only starting to sell my art in the past few years and I’ve never really thought about going anywhere with it, until a lady approached me one day  and asked me if she could buy my drawing.  Now I am looking forward to learning how to get into more and more art shows and someday to meet the artist I admire so much in the art world.